Monday, July 11, 2016

Today is the First Day for the Rest of My Life
Introduction to Best Practices with Technology in the Classroom

It IS the 21st century after all, but I felt like it was the Dark Ages - and I was lost in that Dark as I struggled through my first class for using 1:1 technology in the classroom. I never claimed to be savvy with technology but I do grab onto ideas others present, striving to implement them, often using technology.  I am a creative, hands-on teachers - always searching for new learning activities and methods of instruction to meet the needs of my student population with multiple learning differences. I believe 1:1 technology implementation will lead me there - IF I survive the “boot camp”!

Today, I totally related to the student who is “lost” in class or the learner who lacks preliminary skills to build new concepts upon, becoming unable to access the day’s instructional objectives.  The overwhelming emotions of frustration and panic were good reminders for me to be sensitive,  patient and scaffold my approach with new material and multi-step directions with my students.

I am the only teacher in my school who chose to attend the NH Literacy class this summer on Best Practices for Literacy with Technology.  I wish I had a colleague here to collaborate with on the information ascertained  before ChromeBooks are distributed to students in the fall. But I am beginning to realize the resource and support I have on Twitter and the collection of educators supporting me through this class are just as viable…..

Perhaps, I am on the cusp of my own Renaissance !

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